Integrated Hospice and
Palliative Solutions

Services we provide

Program Development and Evaluation

Are process issues challenging your program? Are you considering venturing into new territory by launching a new program? Our team can help. We can take a close look at existing programs and offer guidance to make sure they are running optimally. Likewise, we can partner with you to explore new opportunities and help craft a strategy for success in your new endeavor.

Expert Assistance with Educational Programs and Speakers

Whether you are looking for support with the internal education of your staff or engaging partners outside you organization, we are here to help. Looking for a speaker to present at an upcoming event? Searching for assistance in creating an education plan for staff? We can provide the educational support you need, catered to your exact needs.

Please contact us to learn more about the education endeavors our consultants have provided in the past and the topics we can help your program by teaching.

Medico-Legal and Documentation Review

Our team can provide expert, unbiased documentation review for internal evaluation. Likewise, our consultants can serve as expert witnesses for your medico-legal needs. We can also help your program develop documentation systems to facilitate capturing the information essential to your compliance efforts.

Leadership Training and Mentorship

Our team is well equipped to provide new or developing physician leaders with expert mentorship. We provide short-term intensive coaching engagements or ongoing mentorship over an extended period. We are also available to assist with creating/presenting content for board presentations/retreats.

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